Sarah’s background


Sarah was born and raised in Salisbury, Wiltshire until 1993, when she moved with her family to the Shropshire countryside as both of her parents where born and raised in the Shrewsbury area. The move enabled my parents to care for their parents.
I have spent much my life looking after and caring for people.  My dear brother Thomas, who tragically passed away, was born with brain damage, and although not hugely debilitating, he required a lot of help and support from my parents and me as the oldest sibling.  I was exceptionally close to Thomas, and the thing that I was always thrilled about was for every percent that I put in; I got what felt like ten percent back!
I think my early to middle years of helping and playing with Thomas was the initial motivation to apply for and to work in the care or education sector. and I secured a post at RNIB Condover.  I found the work hugely fulfilling.  Although the work with the children was exceptionally challenging, it was never a chore, and the results that were possible with a little bit of care, thought and initiative were immense.
Sarah studied at Radbrook College before graduating and working in various care settings.
She has continued to study and develop her skills throughout her career and has subsequently achieved certificates and qualifications in the following:
Level 5 Diploma in Care Leadership and management
Level 2 in Awareness of Mental Health Problems
Level 2 in the Principles of Dementia Care
Level 2 in the Principles of End of Life Care
 Certificate in the Principles of the Prevention and Control of Infection in the Health Care Settings
Level 2 in Understanding Dignity and Safeguarding in Adult Health and Social Care
Level 2 in Understanding Nutrition and Health
Certificate in Understanding the Care and Management of Diabetes
Level 2 in Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines
EDI level 2 in Managing and safe handling of medicines
Certificate Manual handling
Certificate in Disability Awareness and to Consider Associated Needs and Behaviour
Certificate in Health and safety Training
Certificate in Working with People with Vision impairment
Certificate in Communication profiles
Certificate in Risk assessments
Certificate in Easy Pod Use and Administration
Certificate in Buccal Use and Administration
Certificate in Emergency First Aid at Work
Certificate in Essential and Basic First Aid
Certificate in Equality and Diversity
Certificate in Stress Awareness
Introduction to Makaton
Certificate in Awareness, Needs and Behaviours of People with Downs syndrome
Certificate in Understanding Epilepsy
As highly qualified as she is experienced, Sarah has cared for people of all ages from bringing up her three daughters to my 99-year-old grandmother.

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