The future.

The country is in something of a state of flux at the moment. Ever since the result of the referendum became known it seems we all have to acknowledge that 'Brexit' is now going to happen. But what impact will this have on the care industry? Many care homes and agencies employ staff from outside the UK so will our leaving the EU mean that their status changes in anyway? Early indications would seem that those working here will be allowed to stay but what will this mean for the future and the need for increasing numbers of staff to work in the care industry? The simple answer is we just don't know, and until the government led by our new PM and her team thrash out the new deals for the UK outside the EU, we are unlikely to know.

Based on what we know so far we cannot see any of these issues having a direct impact on the services we at SLR Care provide.

It's good to know that somethings don't change!